Journey Through The Senses Explores the vast universe of human sensory
experience and perception through the lens of science, art, performance, and new technologies. Join us on this exciting journey of discovery.

NEUROSCIENCE Discover how neuroscience has opened up a whole new window into the functions of the brain helping us better understand how we process information about the world around us. PSYCHOLOGY Meet leading psychologists and learn all about the latest research on human behavior in regard to sensory perception. GENETICS Speak with top geneticists and follow their research on how our genetic differences fuel neurodiverse traits such as autism. savantism, inherited synaesthesia and many others. THE SENSES Through science we will explore how our five main senses (plus many others) influence our everyday perception and actions. CONNECTING ART &

Explore the neural links between neurodiversity and creativity.
INTERACTIVE ART Become a part of the Art MUSIC See the music DANCE Feel the music PERFORMANCE Join us on a magnificent and cutting edge journey to discover how we all perceive the world in different ways via our senses.