Journey Through The Senses is a captivating odyssey into the boundless realm of human sensory experience and perception. This extraordinary exploration, fusing art, science, technology, and interactive installations, invites us to marvel at the incredible tapestry of human creativity.

Delving into the wonders of the human mind through neurodiversity, synaesthesia, savantism, and the unique skills of individuals with autism, we aim to shift perspectives and encourage introspection. By celebrating our ‘classic’ five senses and more, our goal is to inspire a new, positive understanding of ourselves and others, fostering a world where differences are embraced.

Our visionary journey encompasses major components spanning science, math, architecture, art, music, dance, literature, live theater, film, scent, design, beer and wine, culinary delights, and beyond. Collaborating with leading scientists from top-tier UK universities and talents worldwide, we strive to create a global dialogue transcending boundaries.

Journey Through The Senses seeks collaboration with diverse organizations and partners for a multifaceted, 30-45 day international exhibition in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Engaging multiple departments and esteemed professors at local universities, we aim to intertwine academia with creativity.

Our aspirations extend to forging partnerships with Southern California’s world-class museums, tourist bureaus, culinary and hospitality associations, wineries, local leaders in the arts and entertainment community, and various artistic venues.

Post-Los Angeles, our global journey continues with planned exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, and other major cities, fostering a harmonious, world-wide collaboration. The ultimate ambition is to establish a permanent exhibition at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution.

Journey Through The Senses proudly operates as a 501(c)(3) International Nonprofit Organization, dedicated to the celebration of human diversity and the exploration of the incredible spectrum of human experience. Join us on this transformative expedition into the heart of our senses.

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