Arché Sensus.... COMING SOON!


Intersensory voyages through the shifting spaces of a fragile world. An intermedia concerto for piano soloist, conductor, orchestra and visual projection.

The concerto is inspired by award-winning photographer Kacper Kowalski’s project, Arché a universal tale of connection between nature and humans, and a reflection over the interconnection between the past and the present that reveals itself not only in our spiritual life, but also finds its expression in nature.


Our aim is to create new perspectives surrounding the experience of music, photography and ways of understanding our place in the larger world to raise awareness about the variety, powers and limits of sensory perception of individuals as we face the epochal transformation of our planet.  

The project explores the possibilities in the merging of traditional classical music and modern technology. It reflects on modern technology (AI) as a participant in a dialogue between machines and human creativity embedded in its civilization. 


Striking black and white visuals show winter terrain as viewed from 500 feet above the ground. These images are part of a project about prehistoric times, when tradition, culture and meanings were interwoven in people’s collective imagination, creating the foundation of human civilization. The natural landscapes form mysterious and exquisite abstract paintings with shapes that play with our perceptions and associations. These images powerfully document the impact of climate change on the terrain, revealing our world’s gradual transformation in an epochal time-scale . 


The music engages with the images, introducing and interpreting them with a highly varied sequence of colors, shapes and emotions. The flow of the audiovisual experience captivates the senses in its spontaneity as the music and visuals are performed by the musicians using traditional instruments interfaced with state-of-the-art technology. The pianist and conductor serve as guides in this journey through space and time.


The music is performed in strict rhythmic and expressive relationship with images, achieved by using motion tracking of a specially designed conductor’s baton and optical sensors of the most recent model of Yamaha Disklavier concert grand. Max software with the subprogram Antescofo, uses AI algorithms to anticipate the performer’s intentions, constantly adjusting its predictions to trigger frames of video to match the continuously fluctuating tempo of musical actions. 

This international, cross-media project, created by recognized artists, has a huge potential for press interest around the world, including the largest media outlets such as TIME magazine, FT Weekend Magazine, NY Times, Vogue, National Geographic,Guardian, as well as international magazines dedicated to photography and visual arts such as GUP, Aesthetica, British Journal of Photography, Fotografi, Digital Camera, Foam, Photo Plus and more. 


Jarek Kapuscinski: Award-winning and internationally presented intermedia composer and performer, specializing in live audiovisual experiences using acoustical instruments and state-of-the-art media technologies.  

Kacper Kowalski: Award-winning and internationally-exhibited photographer, architect, and pilot with 25 years of solo-flights experience.

Sarah Hicks: Internationally renowned conductor, producer, writer and arranger focusing on creating immersive concert experiences which combine sight and sound, and which welcome new audiences to the orchestral genre.

Jenny Chai: The recipient of the Yvar Mikhashoff Trust’s 2011 Pianist/Composer Commissioning Project, the DAAD Arts and Performance award in 2010, Chamber Music America commissioning award and first prize winner of the Keys to the Future Contemporary Solo Piano Festival, Jenny Q Chai creates layered multimedia programs which explore and unite elements of science, nature, fashion, and art. The New Yorker describes Chai as “a pianist whose dazzling facility is matched by her deep musicality.”

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