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The Colors of Crime

A Q&A with author Sarah J. Harris. Author Sarah J. Harris creates a fascinating neurodivergent character in her thriller, The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder The author is interviewed by Patricia Lynne Duffy PLD: The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder is

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Kandinsky’s Singing Colors

A Q&A with Barb Rosenstock, author of The Noisy Paintbox  The Noisy Paintbox, illustration by Mary Grandpré Barb Rosenstock Author Barb Rosenstock writes a wonderful, colorful book about the life of synesthete-artist Kandinsky—one in a series spotlighting heroes in

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Hemingway had Paris and TJ Parker has Laguna

Q&A with T. Jefferson Parker, best-selling novelist of detective fiction Author T. Jefferson Parker: “Hemingway had Paris and I have Laguna… “Our senses are the gateways to our consciousness, so if those senses are heightened by synesthesia, psychotropic drugs,

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Listening to Fragrance – Part 2

An excerpt from Homage to Zhang Yu” by Ninghui Xiong and Patricia Lynne Duffy Here, we present “Part 2” of the previous post, “Listening to Fragrance” (the Q&A with 14th century Chinese poet, Zhang Yu, whose poem beautifully expressed

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“Listening to Fragrance”

An Imaginary Q&A with 14th century Chinese poet Zhang Yu by Patricia Lynne Duffy with Ninghui Xiong Many of us think of “synesthesia” as a recently realized phenomenon—so it is striking to come upon a synesthetic poem written in

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Paula Sandham Burns (or Pau, as she is known to her friends) is the author and designer of The Synesthesia Tree, a rising new website in the Syn Community. Here, Pau shares her experience as author and creator of

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The inner and outer landscapes that shape identity

Monique Truong, author of the novel, Bitter in the Mouth explores being a member of a minority in two realms. Interview by Patricia Lynne Duffy    A big colorful Congratulations! to Monique Truong–winner of the Dos Passos Literary Prize 2021.  http://www.longwood.edu/news/2021/monique-truong-2021-dos-passos-prize-winner/ 

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