Zach Rosen is the Curator of the Beer component page.

Aroma and taste is one of the most elemental forms of sensory communication. The chemical compounds that compose a perceived flavor translate the nutritional benefit and risks associated with the food and drink being consumed, speaking to the deepest parts of our psyche, memories, and emotion. Ideas that have been explored by design firms like Bompas & Parr. Their range of intricately crafted environments and interactive installations have expressed not just the sensory experience, but the role that ritual, gesture, and memory play in our perception of food and drink. From strolling through interactive robotic beer gardens to immersive beer chairs that pair audio-visual haptic experiences to specific beers, the beer experiences created for Journey Through The Senses will take the audience on a journey through all of their senses, examining how flavor and human behavior relate, and ultimately, how beer pairs with life itself.

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