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Unshackling the neurodivergent

Playwright Jesi Bender offers a first-of-its-kind play with an all-neuro-divergent cast at the experimental Brick Theater in New York’s Williamsburg, Brooklyn “I truly believe a greater understanding of neurodiversity makes people better human beings.” –Jesi Bender, playwright, Kinderkrankenhaus The

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“The Unique Charm of an “A.D.D.” Writer”

“Digression” is raised to an art form in Tyler Gore’s hilarious book, My Life of Crime A colorful Congratulations! to Tyler C. Gore:2023 Independent Publisher Book Award Bronze Medalist”andEric Hoffer First Horizon Award Finalist, and National Indie Excellence Award

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Music, the Fuel of Art and Spaceships-part 2

The composers Gaby Cardoso and Timothy B. Layden are interviewed by Patricia Lynne Duffy Synesthetes Timothy B. Layden and Gaby Cardoso composed “Shared Colors”, music that fueled a spaceship in Layden’s sci-fi novel, Dreams of Laika Timothy Layden Gaby

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Music, the fuel of art and spaceships

A Q&A with Timothy B. Layden about his new synesthetic science fiction book, Dreams of Laika Timothy Layden is an artist who “paints music”—music fuels his visual art as it does his new science fiction novel The author is

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The Astonishment of Human Diversity

A memory and an appreciation of the late Peter Brookby Patricia Lynne Duffy  Peter Brook The Valley of Astonishment   “I’d never heard that miraculous word – synesthesia. When you explained what it meant, things became clear for me.

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The Colors of Crime

A Q&A with author Sarah J. Harris. Author Sarah J. Harris creates a fascinating neurodivergent character in her thriller, The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder The author is interviewed by Patricia Lynne Duffy PLD: The Color of Bee Larkham’s Murder is

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