Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition – LA, Spring 2022, explores and celebrates the vast universe of human sensory experience and perception through the lens of art, science, performance, and new technologies.

The exhibition will also explore the marvels of the human mind and the human experience through neurodiversity, inherited synaesthesia, savantism, people with autism possessing unique skills, and an interactive exploration of our five “classic” senses (plus a few more!).

People who are neurodiverse may have difficulties communicating clearly with colleagues, which may lead to stigma and awkward working relationships. Our goal is for our audience to look inward and to gently help educate the public on the benefits of those who are neurodiverse.


Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition – LA, Spring 2022, is a world-stage project. Our team has World Outreach Liaisons for every continent on the planet and we have drawn our top tier participants from every part of the world. We will have extensive world-wide social media outreach, including an aligned and popular online magazine.

Your corporation’s generous support for this important and meaningful project through your Corporate Social Responsibility fund, will generate tremendous goodwill toward your company and elevate your company’s reputation world-wide, as a benefactor which deeply cares about supporting those who are neurodiverse. Let us all work together to increase empathy, eliminate stigma, and make this a better world for all of us.


Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition – LA, Spring 2022 is first of its kind, unique, and a world-stage project. We value partnerships with companies such as yours with strong corporate ethics and a culture of innovations and fresh ideas.

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