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Journey Through The Senses – Los Angeles, Fall 2024, is an exploration and celebration of the vast universe of human sensory experience and perception. Through the lens of art, science technology, performance, and interactive installations, together, we can discover the marvels of what we humans can create.

The exhibition will also explore the wonders of the human mind and the human experience through neurodiversity, inherited synaesthesia, savantism, people with autism with unique skills and an interactive exploration of our “classic” 5 senses (plus a few more!). The goal is to have our audience look inward and think about themselves and others in new and positive ways. We will seek to share the wonders and benefits of those that are neurodiverse, so that perhaps, all of us can be less reactive about feeling uneasy or apprehensive of those that appear to be different.

Our vision is to create major components on science, math, architecture, art, music, dance, literature, live theater, film, scent, design, beer and wine, culinary and taste, etc.

Our collaboration will also include leading scientists from top tier UK universities as well as aligned organizations and talent from every area of the arts, sciences, and new technologies from throughout the world.

Journey Through The Senses aims to welcome numerous collaborating organizations and partners in the Los Angeles Area for this multifaceted, 30-45 day international exhibition. Our collaboration will include multiple departments and individual professors at major Los Angeles based and adjacent universities.

Our goal is to also create collaborations with the world-class Southern California based museums, the tourist bureaus, restaurant and hotel associations, wineries, kind and thoughtful local leaders in the arts and entertainment community, artistic and performance venues, etc.

Following our exhibition in Los Angeles in 2024, our goal is that the exhibition will then travel to Paris, Berlin, and other major cities of the world as we continue this world-wide collaboration. Our aim is to eventually create a permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian.

Journey Through The Senses is a 501 (c) (3) International Nonprofit Organization.

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