Discover the miracle of neurodiversity in you and other brilliant people throughout the world as we take a journey through the senses together.



A collaboration with  iii and Journey Through The Senses, ‘Not to be Senseless’ is a stage for neurodivergent art; with people and art pieces that allow us to experience and explore neurodivergence such as synaesthesia, savantism and autism. The evening opens up new perspectives by recognising differences in how we sense the world.

To echo the different worlds of the neurodivergent, this edition of the event will focus on the sensorial experience of touch. Laura Dima will be exploring the politics of touch through wearable devices that simulate touch between physically separated individuals. Ludmilla Rodrigues will be sharing her pressure-based experiments with inflatables. Jenny Konrad will round off the evening with a talk about self stimulation and the role this plays in neurodivergent thinking. 

Society is still restricted in its knowledge and acceptance of neurodivergence, with neurodivergent people often being seen as difficult. This makes it important to create a moment where neurodivergence gets a place to be seen and respected and that neurodivergence is a strength that shows us our world in a different light.

“Let’s talk synesthesia” is turning one!

Journey Through the Senses (in a collaboration) supported Maike Preissing with the anniversary event of the “Synesthesia Podcast” on Feb 24th at Metropol Cinema Innsbruck, right in the heart of the Alps. At the event, attendees watched a recording of Pete Carruthers’s theatre play “The Possibility of Colour.” After the screening, there was a special panel with Pete Carruthers (Playwright), Maike Preißing (Podcast Host), and also James Wannerton (President of JTTS & UKSA). Each member of the audience received a goody bag with products sponsored by Lush and Flareaudio, stimming toys, and some awesome art by Zoe NG and Helena Chywski.

Journey Through The Senses is pleased to be a key contributor to this inspiring exhibition- A Taste of Synaesthesia

A Taste of Synaesthesia
International Synaesthesia Art Exhibition
27th October
OXO Tower, The Bargehouse @oxotowerwharf
Free admission

Programme here:

In collaboration with Brunel University London in celebration of the 2023 Artist in Residence.

UK Synaesthesia Association and journeythroughthesenses


Presented on the evening of October 20th at Instrument Inventors Initiative in the Hague.

‘Not to be Senseless’ is a stage for neurodivergent art; with people and pieces that experience and explore neurodivergencies such as synaesthesia, savantism, and autism. The evening opens up new perspectives by recognizing differences in how we sense the world. 

Society is still restricted in its knowledge and acceptance of neurodivergency, with neurodivergent people often being seen as difficult. This makes it important to create a moment where neurodivergencies get a place to be seen and respected. To show that neurodivergencies are a strength that shows us our world in a different light. 

To echo the different worlds of the neurodivergent, this event will also highlight different senses, including smell, sound, touch, and proprioception.

Website for more information about this event:

Playtronica and Journey Through The Senses are pleased to present SOUND TASTING

Join us on October 9th at Mikrokosmos restaurant in Berlin for a groundbreaking sensory fusion event where experimental cuisine meets synesthetic sound! Experience unique tastings from Mikrokosmos’ sustainable kitchen, matched with a live performance of renowned multimodal artist Portrait XO, translating flavors into sounds based on their auditory-gustatory synesthesia.
Synesthesia is an involuntary mixture of senses – like associating colours with numbers, for example.  Portrait XO transforms flavors into soundscapes to take the audience on a journey of how she hears flavors e.g. lemon is high frequencies, and peanut butter is low subby bass.  By allowing participants to experience these multisensory translations, they’re invited to question how their own senses might perceive the relationship between taste and sound. 
This collaboration (with Journey Through the Senses) is produced by Playtronica Berlin studio, which blends technology and synesthesia, enabling users to experience a multifold perception by associating music with touch, color, or even taste. Playtronica sensors act as a bridge, creating a multi-sensory experience that lets people feel music and sound in different ways. 

Hosted by Mikrokosmos, located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, this experience aims to educate about sustainable dietary alternatives and overcome the fear and disgust of unconventional foods like insects.

Our leadership team member Anton Dorso did a Q&A with Portrait XO which in and of itself is a fascinating exploration of her creative process, early stylistic influences and the unique aspects of her experimental electronic music with powerful visual and multisensory elements inspired by her synesthesia. In this interview, Portrait XO talks about her musical journey, including when she first became interested in electronic music and what encourages her to explore experimental sounds. Dorso’s inquiries focus on the perceptual specificities of Portrait XO’s approach to sound design and how she finds inspiration for her multisensory sets.



Synaesthesia for Design: Common Ground or Terra Incognita?” is a panel discussion presented by Journey Through The Senses & Nairobi Design. What can design theory and practice derive from congenital synesthesia? Manifestations of synesthesia are consistent, immersive, purpose-driven, and experiential. There are many more synesthetes among artists and many synesthetes choose creativity as careers or leisure time activities. Numerous types of congenital synesthesia span all the human senses and embrace language, sound, social, and other cognitive elements. How can non-synesthetes tap into synesthesia’s so much-venerated experiential benefits? Are there nonspeculative inroads into its efficient practical applications beyond inspiration and mimicry?


Saturday 7 October, 2023 at 11 AM
Venice, Italy
In presence and streaming in English

Book by clicking here or via mail at

A multi sensory, interactive performance exploring the phenomena of Synesthesia through Dance. Learn about Synesthesia while celebrating neurodiversity through art and movement.
Featuring San Diego based professional dancers and meet and greet with choreographer and Poly- Synesthete, Zoe Marinello-Kohn. Following the performance, stay a while and socialize with the performers with a refreshment!

Many thanks to JTTS’ Anton V. Sideroff-Dorso for his sensitive and engaging interview with poly synaesthete ballerina Zoe Marinello-Kohn. Please enjoy this personal journey into Zoe’s experience of synaesthesia and how it shapes and colors her creativity and artistry.

Journey Through the Senses is pleased to join in a scientific collaboration with Nairobi Design week to explore and identify synaesthesia on the African Continent.

Journey Through The Senses is pleased to join in collaboration with "The Shape of Color" to explore neurodiversity and all its wonders through The Arts and Sciences.

A Solo Exhibiton Featuring Synaesthete Fine Artist Marina WitteMann
Shape of Color
April 8-30
Haze Gallery, Berlin  

Marina WitteMann, being a synesthete, feels the world a little deeper and more fully than the other persons, she sees in color the emotional states of surrounding people, vivid experiences, pain, anger and euphoria. That is why the works presented at the exhibition strive to break out of the framework of generally accepted art forms. That which had no volume, breaks through the two-dimensional space, color acquires shape, paper — texture, depth. Each work at the exhibition is an outspoken image formed through the prism of the artist’s perception, through the fusion of several sensory levels at once.

Irina Rusinovich

Art curator, editor-in-chief, Gallery owner

Haze Gallery, Berlin

Journey Through the Senses is pleased to present, in collaboration with two of our highly talented members, an exploration of diversity and perception:

A live piano and ballet concert. Featuring concert Pianist, Svetlana Rudenko, and professional Ballerina, Zoe Marinello-Kohn, the event will take place on March 20th, at the Whale Theater just outside of Dublin, Ireland and during Brain Awareness Week.

Moscow’s Spectacular New Museum, GES-2 House Of Culture:

An Exciting New Scientific Collaboration with Journey through the Senses.

*  Journey Through The Senses is pleased to be a co-sponsor of this cutting edge event which supports a greater awareness of neurodiversity.

Featuring Synaesthete Concert Pianist Jenny Q Chai

Piano and ensemble with Intermedia Concert on January 1, 2022 - Shanghai, China

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