Architect Evgenia Terzi is the Curator of The Architecture component page.

Evgenia was born in Odessa, Ukraine and has since moved to Los Angeles, California where she graduated from UCLA and has continued to challenge—through her work in the architectural field—traditionally accepted relationships between public space and social interaction. Evgenia’s work aims to explore our physical and digital worlds as a synthesized reality. In this pursuit, she deconstructs the technological ecosystems hidden behind urban and architectural material assemblages.

Architecture is the art of creating habitable spaces that foster multi-sensory communication. It tells us a story and curates experience of the environment. Architecture can unite people by welcoming surroundings or isolate them by creating barriers. It exists within the physical, economical and political context of a time period. Its form can follow function or function can follow form. Most importantly, it creates relationships with people and their experiences through the senses.

The new technology realm and its role in the context of space has diversified relationships to the environment. With the potential of architecture, these relationships can be refined and enriched with new forms of sensory interaction. Collaboration between disciplines will lead to a series of events that will explore our neurodiversity through architecture.


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