Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition

Los Angeles, Spring 2022



Marisa Caichiolo

Caichiolo is an international art curator and juror on various biennials and important prizes with the Ministry of Culture of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, USA, Qatar, and Sharjah. She is the Founder, Curator, and Executive Director of the international nonprofit organization and gallery Building Bridges Art Exchange, and a key executive with the LA Art Show.


Josiah Hultgren

Josiah Hultgren is Founder and practical neuroscience writer at MindFullyAlive, Chief Marketing Officer at Lotus & Oak Venture Studio, Senior Lecturer at the California Lutheran University Multimedia Department, and a Consciousness Hacking group organizer. He is a certified Neuro Coach – personally trained and mentored by renowned researcher and best-selling author, Mark Waldman. Prior, he served on the board of directors at Aid Africa, generated 3D animation and modeling for commercial film, and held key marketing leadership roles at international software corporations including MAXON. Josiah is passionate about the synergistic potential of art, neuroscience, technology, and humanism.


Zachary Rosen

Beer educator and writer, Zachary Rosen became the youngest person at the time (2009) to obtain a Certified Cicerone® title at 22, and has since become specialized in coordinating and hosting beer events. His work includes writing, consulting services, teaching classes, and leading beer dinners. Rosen specializes in using his background in chemical engineering and the arts to seek out abstract expressions of beer, pairing it with movies, music, and many other conceptual counterparts to discover how beer pairs with life.



Jaime Smith

Jaime Smith is a world-renowned sommelier, chef, and synaesthete. When Smith tastes wine, he sees various patterns, textures, and colors. As a trained chef, Smith also sees clouds of colors for the smells he experiences as he prepares


Zoe Marinello-Kohn

Zoe Marinello-Kohn is a professional ballet dancer, actor, and artist. She received her ballet training at the San Francisco Ballet School and at the Academy of Ballet under Richard Gibson. Since then,  Zoe has gone on to dance with such notable companies as the San Diego Ballet, where she is currently employed, as well as the Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota, Cincinnati Ballet II, and the Osage Ballet.

Zoe is an original cast member of Wahzhazhe: An Osage Ballet and had the honor of performing at the Festival of Families held for Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia in 2015.

Zoe is also an actor in the American Immersion Theater and Murder Mystery Company in San Diego, California. Zoe is a poly synesthete and her work often reflects her unique perceptions of the senses.

Zoe believes that art is a fundamental pinnacle of society that has the potential to create bonds of understanding and tolerance and can be an inspiration for unification and peace.


Brian Harris

An independent designer for 40 years, Brian Harris creates bespoke mechatronic equipment. His inventions for motion control, stabilized camera mounts for aerial photography and robotic trajectories are used in local and international TV commercials and film productions. He trained in radio physics at the University of Auckland and has collaborated with Raewyn Turner since 2011.



Daria Martin

Daria Martin, artist-filmmaker and Professor of Art at Oxford University, has made a trilogy of short films inspired by mirror-touch synaesthesia: Sensorium Tests (2012), At the Threshold (2014-2015), and Theatre of the Tender (2016). She is also the editor of ‘Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia:  Thresholds of Empathy With Art’ (Oxford University Press, 2017), which explores the resonances the trait may have for the world of aesthetics.  Martin’s films, which have been exhibited internationally, aim to create a continuity between disparate artistic media (such as painting and performance), between people and objects, and between internal and social worlds. Solo exhibitions include Barbican, London; ACCA, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the New Museum, New York; the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Kunstalle Zürich; and Tate Britain. Martin is currently Professor and Head of Artistic Research at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.  In 2018 she won the Film London Jarman Award for “creating an eclectic and expansive body of work that has explored everything from dreams and mythology to technology and feminism”.


Tim Thompson

Tim is a software engineer, musician, and interactive installation artist. His wide-ranging artistic work includes a programming language for MIDI, interactive installations at Burning Man and other festivals, musical performances with PlayStation dance pads and QWERTY keyboards, and real time video looping and processing with a handheld security camera. Recently, Thompson has focused on the expressive potential of three-dimensional input in visual music instruments, using devices such as the Microsoft Kinect (in the original Space Palette) and the Sensel Morph (in the newer Space Palette Pro).

Space Palette Pro at SubZERO 2017
Space Palette at Burning Man


Patricia Lynne Duffy

Patricia Lynne Duffy is the author of Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens and the first synaesthete to write a book on inherited synaesthesia.



Birgitta Strobel 

Brigitta Strobel is a meditation and yoga instructor working between Oslo, London, and Los Angeles.


Professor Julia Simner

Julia Simner is a Professor of Neuropsychology and has spent the last two decades in the field of synaesthesia research. Her education and career have taken her to the Universities of Oxford, Toronto, Edinburgh and Sussex, and she currently runs the Synesthesia and Sensory Integration lab at the University of Sussex. Her work focusses on the psychological and neuroscientific bases of synesthesia, and has been published in science journals including Nature , Trends in Cognitive Sciences, and Brain, as well as in over 100 newspaper and media articles worldwide. She is the Science Officer for the UK Synaesthesia Association, Director of the ERC-funded MULTISENSE project, and Director of the ESRC-funded Savant Network. Her book, The Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia was recently shortlisted for the British Medical Associations medical book of the year.



Daniel Busby

Daniel is a physicist, engineer, and artist. He’s built an electric car, a robot bartender, and an eight person pedal powered mobile dining table. He enjoys making whimsical kinetic sculptures that invite interactivity and inspire scientific understanding. He’s on the board of Arroyo Arts Collective where he helps run programming for a small neighborhood art park.


Michael Kluch

Michael Kluch is a Photographer/Artist/Educator born in Chicago, Illinois, with a BFA in Photography/Film Making from UIC. Michael stopped in Pasadena while traveling the US with his wife, fell in love, and has lived there ever since. He has shot commercially for a wide range of advertising and commercial clients including Gucci, Honda, Yamaha, Bausch & Lomb…taught photography, digital imagining and design for 14 years and exhibits his personal work. Always working on new concepts, loves the complexity of simplicity.



Michael Haverkamp

Micheal is a synaesthete and leading expert in product design.  He had a long career working for Ford Motor Company and was valued for using his synaesthetic experience to improve product design.  Michael now works as an independent consultant.




Caro Verbeek

Knowing by Smelling, Netherlands scent Scholar and synaesthete, Above is an image of Caro Verbeek sniffing the contents of a 19th century pomander that belonged to a Dutch queen.


Aki Hoshihara

Aki Hoshihara has extensive experience as a business banker with major firms, specializing in strategic planning for high-tech companies.



Peter Colley

Peter Colley is an award-winning British/Canadian writer based in Los Angeles and Toronto. His stage plays have been performed in 32 countries, 48 out of the 50 states in the United States,and every province in Canada.