“Let’s talk synesthesia” is turning one!

Journey Through the Senses (in a collaboration) supported Maike Preissing with the anniversary event of the “Synesthesia Podcast” on Feb 24th at Metropol Cinema Innsbruck, right in the heart of the Alps. At the event, attendees watched a recording of Pete Carruthers’s theatre play “The Possibility of Colour.” After the screening, there was a special panel with Pete Carruthers (Playwright), Maike Preißing (Podcast Host), and also James Wannerton (President of JTTS & UKSA). Each member of the audience received a goody bag with products sponsored by Lush and Flareaudio, stimming toys, and some awesome art by Zoe NG and Helena Chywski.

See below the interviews with Maike Preissing and Pete Carruthers.

Maike Preißing (DE/AT/UK) is a neurodivergent psychologist, synaesthesia artist and host of the podcast “let’s talk synesthesia”. On social media Maike shares what it’s like to live with synaesthesia and other neurodivergent traits. In her psychological practice she supports neurodivergent adults worldwide, gives trainings and art workshops.



Pete Carruthers (UK) is the Founder and Artistic Director of Tree Fish Productions. He has worked as a writer, director, actor, and producer for 13 years, focusing on a wide range of theatre and film projects. His newest play, “The Possibility of Colour” will be shown at our event

James Wannerton (UK) is President of the international non-profit organisation Journey Through The Senses as well as President of the UKSA.

James was one of the very first individuals to be identified with synaesthesia and has been involved in synaesthesia research for the last decades.

Photographs by James Wannerton

Photographs From the event 

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