Patricia Lynne Duffy, is the Curator of the Literature component page.

Our vision for the Literary Arts component of Journey Through the Senses is to explore neuro-diversity—with a spotlight on the neuro-atypical—by offering monthly suggestions of articles, lectures, exhibitions, and other events with this theme. With the current world COVID crisis, many such cultural offerings are now online, and this column will list a few to choose from each month.

Here are some suggestions for online talks, readings and reflections at that corner where the neuro-atypical world and the literary world meet:



“Is JK Rowling a synesthete?” Article by Maureen Seaberg of Psychology Today—discussing whether JK Rowling, author of the famed Harry Potter series could be a synesthete.

The Colour of Murder: Talking to Sarah J. Harris”, (author of 2017 novel, The Colour of Bea Larkham’s Murder) with its synesthete-­Aspergers main charcter



An interview with legendary theater director, Peter Brook about Valley of Astonishment, his exploration of synesthesia—with an excerpt from the play.

Reading of Bitter in the Mouth (a novel about a word-­‐taste synesthete) by Monique Troung (author’s reading starts at 8’10”) at the Villanova Literary Festival

A synesthete-­‐reader discusses his synesthetic response to reading works by Rimbaud, Nabokov, Ted Hughes

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