Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition

Los Angeles, Spring 2022


The sensation of taste includes five established basic tastes: sweetnesssournesssaltinessbitterness, and savoriness (also known as savory or umami).  Scientific experiments have demonstrated that these five tastes exist and are distinct from one another. Taste buds are able to distinguish between different tastes through detecting interaction with different molecules or ions. Sweet, savoriness, and bitter tastes are triggered by the binding of molecules to G protein-coupled receptors on the cell membranes of taste buds. 

Our Aim is to partner with world-class musicians, chefs, sommeliers, and other flavor artists, our events will weave a diverse and delicious global narrative that unites music, wine, food, and sweet treats in perfect harmony through purposeful and heart-directed guidance, we believe all can be inspired and transformed through the power of sensory engagement.


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