An Exciting New Collaboration with Journey through the Senses.

GES-2 House of Culture opened in December of 2021 as one of Moscow’s most innovative and multisensory museums of world contemporary art.  Much like the Tate Modern in London, GES-2 is a multi-story elegant campus built within a large former factory complex. It can boast a skate rink, a stretch of a Moscow river embankment, a birch tree grove, a transformable cinema hall, as well as temporary and permanent exhibition spaces.

One of the most fascinating exhibitions now being presented and until February 22, 2022 “Sensitive Matter,” focuses on inherited synaesthesia, neurodiversity, and an exploration of the senses. 

The “Sensitive Matter” exhibition narrative notes that “The project is expertly supported by Journey Through the Senses (JTTS), an international non-profit educational initiative.”  Credit for building this scientific partnership goes to our JTT S Key Leadership Team Member (and a Producer), Dr. Anton Dorso of Moscow Pedagogical State University.

Anton Dorso experiencing for himself the awe and wonder of “Sensitive Matter.”

THE SENSORY IMPRESSIONS ROOM features five unique multisensory and hands-on art installations.

Vestibular (balance)- Lights pulsate as guests navigate an uneven soft-pad floor.

Touch- This is a delightful opportunity to touch and interact with colorful oversized mobiles in various modes of motion.

Olfactory (scent)- Guests experience standing beneath four huge tubes each with its own unique lighting, scent (such as lemon, and pitch), and complementary grooving sound.

The Sensory Machine Room- The centerpiece of this room is a highly sophisticated multisensory machine/art installation that allows guests a hands-on opportunity to create sound and light effects, generate ambient music, and interact with huge panels of lights, mysterious dials, knobs, and switches. Part of its touch elements are various unique sound panels including a cool wind sensory depressing console, DJ-pads for voice like sounds, and vocalizations, etc.

It seemed important to us to “warm up” the visitor before viewing contemporary art in the space of the GES-2 House of Culture, just like football players are warmed up before entering the field. Meditation in the dark, exercises for a better sense of your body and position in space, training in touch and perception of smells, sounds and light — the Sensory Experience Room is designed to do just that. Here viewers can create sequences of stimuli, combinations of sounds, light impulses and tactile sensations. It is a synthesizer on which synaesthetic studies can be performed, intended to be perceived simultaneously by different senses. I hope Kandinsky and Scriabin would have been pleased!

— Sasha Pass, Playtronica team

Please enjoy this link directly to the “Sensitive Matter” exhibition now featured at the GES-2 House of Culture in Moscow:


The scientific partnership on “Sensitive Matter” with JTTS was created through the innovative work and expertise of Anton Dorso of Moscow Pedagogical State University and a Producer on the JTTS Leadership Team.  Anton is an expert on congenital synaesthesia and related scientific issues, he is Founder and Scientific Coordinator of the Russian Synaesthesia Community, Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Science and a Founding Member of the  Board of the International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists (IASAS).

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