Our collective vision for the Music component is to include world class synaesthete and neurodiverse musicians as well as other major talent whose work stimulates a variety of senses. Included is one of our very own team members, who—after a head injury—became a musical savant. Cross-modal musical events will include scent, taste, and unique environments, all in the hope of creating exciting and immersive experiences for our guests. 

Dr Svetlana Rudenko is the Curator of The Music component page.

Dr Svetlana Rudenko, Bray Institute of Further Education, Ireland, visiting lecturer at University of Granada, Concert pianist, researcher on Music & Art Perception, Creative Synaesthesia, Cognitive Musicology, multisensory design for digitally enhanced realities VR/ AR for Education & Mental Health programs, aesthetics for Sensory Substitution Devices. 

I presented at Harvard University during  12th conference of ASA, American Synesthesia Association “4D Digital Visualisation of Musical Texture/ Musical-Space Synesthesia perception/ music example A. Scriabin’s Desire, op.57 N1” (2017), at Western University London Ontario, Music and Consciousness (2019). Trinity College Dublin The Visual and Performing Arts funding Award 2017: Visual Music, Music and the Senses, National Concert Hall Dublin (link)

PROBES (2018) Trinity College Dublin Tetractys: my music for Animated Art For Neuroscience Ireland, Brain Awareness Week, concert at Trinity College Dublin, “Painting Music”(2019), for British Neuroscience Association festival BNA 2019 Cognitive Musicology via Synaesthesia, concert with visuals based on cross-modal associations of musical texture.

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