Not to be Senseless

Journey Through the Senses in collaboration with instument Inventors initiative (iii) our board member Maria Oosterveen organized the event “Not to be Senseless” a stage for neurodivergent art; with people and pieces that experience and explore for instance synesthesia, savantism, and autism.

To echo the different worlds of the neurodivergent highlighted different senses, including smell, sound, touch, and proprioception.

Lauren Jetty:

A sound and smell synesthete from the UK, kicked off with her immersive and interactive installation “Notes”. Her installation brings together sound and smell by letting the audience play with LP’s made of ice, auromatics and starting with the sound of her voice. The LP’s gradually give off their smell to the surroundings by the ice melting and the interactions of the audience with the LP’s. Encapsulating the audience by morphing sounds and smells.

James Wannerton:

President of Journey Through the Senses, James Wannerton did a short talk on synesthesia and the research behind it. It broadly touched on how the research came to be, why it is important that the research continues, and how he has started to take part in it. His talk morphed into an interesting panel about how neurodivergencies influence those who have it and their interactions with their surroundings.

Photography by Pieter Kers

Jonathan Reus:

Jonathan, and artist on the autistic spectrum, closed off the evening with his performance piece
“iː ɡoʊ weɪ”. He showed the audience how sound poetry, vocal stimming (stimming is self-stimulatory behavior), and coding can create a performance that is immersive and alienating at the same time. His vocal sounds, which went rolling and gliding through time, morphed into the natural and the robotic and back again. It was truly astonishing.

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