Journey Through The Senses International Exhibition

Los Angeles, Spring 2022

Devin Murphy is a performance poet and theatre artist living and working in Los Angeles. Having attended The New School in New York, Devin studied Theatre (Eugene Lang College) and Modern Art (Parsons School of Design) before starting an independent theatre company and producing Off-Off-Broadway festivals, plays, and events in the city. Devin left NY in early 2013 for the automobiles and open skies of LA, and he has performed live poetry throughout the Southland for the past eight years. Devin is currently devoting his time to a collaborative project with local musicians, The Land League, which fuses live performance poetry with improvised and layered instrumental tracks in a rapid, one-take environment reminiscent of jazz in structure but not necessarily sound. With a focus on self-described “lyrical impressionism,” Devin’s current work spotlights the prosody, imagery, and omission of context in the conversation of performance.Creating surrealist poetry anchored in rhyme and backboned by beat, Devin uses each performance as a way for his words to evolve organically with the music and the crowd.

From Wikipedia:
In linguistics, prosody is concerned with those elements of speech that are not individual phonetic segments (vowels and consonants) but are properties of syllables and larger units of speech, including linguistic functions such as intonation, tone, stress, and rhythm. Such elements are known as suprasegmentals.

Prosody may reflect various features of the speaker or the utterance: the emotional state of the speaker; the form of the utterance (statement, question, or command); the presence of irony or sarcasm; emphasis, contrast, and focus. It may otherwise reflect other elements of language that may not be encoded by grammar or by choice of vocabulary.