Join us on October 9th at Mikrokosmos restaurant in Berlin for a groundbreaking sensory fusion event where experimental cuisine meets synesthetic sound! Experience unique tastings from Mikrokosmos’ sustainable kitchen, matched with a live performance of renowned multimodal artist Portrait XO, translating flavors into sounds based on their auditory-gustatory synesthesia.
Synesthesia is an involuntary mixture of senses – like associating colours with numbers, for example.  Portrait XO transforms flavors into soundscapes to take the audience on a journey of how she hears flavors e.g. lemon is high frequencies, and peanut butter is low subby bass.  By allowing participants to experience these multisensory translations, they’re invited to question how their own senses might perceive the relationship between taste and sound. 
The collaboration is produced by Playtronica Berlin studio, which blends technology and synesthesia, enabling users to experience a multifold perception by associating music with touch, color, or even taste. Playtronica sensors act as a bridge, creating a multi-sensory experience that lets people feel music and sound in different ways. 

Hosted by Mikrokosmos, located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, this experience aims to educate about sustainable dietary alternatives and overcome the fear and disgust of unconventional foods like insects.

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