Pressure sense the faculty by which pressure upon the surface of the body is perceived.

mechanoreceptor, also called mechanoceptor, is a sensory cell that responds to mechanical pressure or distortion. There are four main types of mechanoreceptors in glabrous, or hairless, mammalian skin: lamellar corpuscles (Pacinian corpuscles), tactile corpuscles (Meissner’s corpuscles), Merkel nerve endings, and bulbous corpuscles (Ruffini corpuscle). There are also mechanoreceptors in hairy skin, and the hair cells in the receptors of primates like rhesus monkeys and other mammals are similar to those of humans and also studied even in early 20th century anatomically and neurophysiologically.

Invertebrate mechanoreceptors include campaniform sensilla and slit sensilla, among others.

Mechanoreceptors are also present in plant cells where they play an important role in normal growth, development and the sensing of their environment.

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