Anton Dorso is a Moscow-based linguist and psychologist. He received a full specialist degree in linguistics and language acquisition and studied for a post-graduation degree (Candidate of Sciences) in psychology at Moscow Pedagogical State University, with a dissertation on individual differences in people with synaesthesia. His research focuses on general psychological and neurocognitive aspects of synaesthesia, synaesthetic mechanisms as viewed in the frameworks of cultural-historical psychology and cognitive anthropology. Additionally, he is the co-editor of the Leonardo Bibliography list: Synaesthesia in Art and Science of the interdisciplinary journal Leonardo (MIT).

Anton has served on the board of the Artecittà Foundation as its International Coordinator since 2012, and is a member of the editorial board of the international Synesthesia Journal (Artecitta). He also founded the Russian Synaesthesia Community and monitors its web-resource and initiated and manages the data-base of Russian-speaking synaesthetes (now approx. 800 people).  Anton translated and adapted the Russian-language version of the worldwide multilingual online synaesthesia test of the Eagleman Lab (Baylor College of Medicine) and the Consistency Test of Synaesthesia (MatLab Syntools). He is also a co-author of “Ananthropology of synaesthesia”, author and developer of Synaesthesia Quotient and a related multi-scale test battery. Additionally he assisted and participated as key speaker in the production of science documentaries on the senses and synaesthesia.

Anton is also head of the synaesthesia research group at the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research of Contemporary Childhood of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.

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