Appelusa is a poly-synesthete and internationally-exhibited multimedia artist. She is best known for her work as an artistic roller skater and choreographer in the entertainment industry. As an artist, Appelusa explores combining physical forms with shapes, light, color and movement in order to exemplify how her synesthesia manifests. Appelusa is also a certified bioenergetic practitioner and founder of Light Body Energetics, a healing arts initiative. In 2017, Appelusa was the artistic director and producer of Synaesthesia Dance Experience: 4D multisensory show (SDE), as part of a large scale exhibition in Los Angeles entitled Synaesthesia: What is the taste of the color blue? SDE was the first of its kind to showcase synesthete dancers, visual artists, choreographers, and multimedia art as an immersive multisensory show for the audience. Appelusa is a founding member of The International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists and Scientists, and serves as the organization’s Dance Curator. She also hosts Synesthete Artists and Synesthetes Los Angeles Facebook Groups. Appelusa is also on the board of Journey Through the Senses and is beyond excited to serve as the organization’s Mind/Body Curator.

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