Stephen Wiltshire – a renowned international artist is known for his artistic, creative draughtsmanship.

Born with Autism his extraordinary talents have produced accurate depictions of cities, skylines and street scenes from memory only having observed his view briefly.

Awarded ‘Member of the Order of the British Empire for Services to Art in 2006 from Buckingham Palace, London.

Discovered at the age of nine and called “possibly the best child artist in Britain” quoted by Sir Hugh Casson president of The Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly, London.

Stephen Wiltshire’s career spans over thirty five years, giving him much acclaimed recognition with numerous documentaries, articles, commercials and endorsements.

His first commissioned artwork was for the late Prime Minister, Sir Edward Heath, which later sold at the famous auction house Bonhams as well as Christies in London.

With four books, a school in Fulham, London and an ambassador for Staedtler pens under his name, he continues to fulfill commissions and appears publicly to demonstrate, encourage creativity, motivation and self worth.

His work currently displays in the Empire State Building, in New York, a lifelong dream as a young boy.

Many of his panoramas, the longest being ten metres long and eight days to complete have staged pride of place worldwide for many collectors, galleries and museums.

An artist in his own right he continues to empower with the words


Stephen Wiltshire MBE, Hon.FSAI, Hon.FSSAA.

Annette Wiltshire – Art Director, Public Speaker, Jewellery Designer has worked along side her brother Stephen Wiltshire throughout his career, touring together, supporting his passion and being his voice to create awareness for creative arts and love of architecture.

Her understanding of shapes, colours and great eye for detail compliment her unique bond with Stephen, which helps to represent and bring to life his extraordinary gift, showcasing beautiful pieces of his artwork.

Annette has dedicated herself to support, direct and manage her brother Stephen‘s affairs, curating exhibitions and providing valuable advise and feedback.

Being a creative individual herself – having interests in interior design, project managing, refurbishing antique furniture and designing Jewellery comes naturally.

Undoubtedly, Art is understood by all, a language which often needs no explanation. Just a big white wall and an open space for us all to express ourselves.

Lady Annette Wiltshire.


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