Daria Martin, artist-filmmaker and Professor of Art at Oxford University, has made a trilogy of short films inspired by mirror-touch synaesthesia: Sensorium Tests (2012), At the Threshold (2014-2015), and Theatre of the Tender (2016). She is also the editor of ‘Mirror-Touch Synaesthesia:  Thresholds of Empathy With Art’ (Oxford University Press, 2017), which explores the resonances the trait may have for the world of aesthetics.  Martin’s films, which have been exhibited internationally, aim to create a continuity between disparate artistic media (such as painting and performance), between people and objects, and between internal and social worlds. Solo exhibitions include Barbican, London; ACCA, Melbourne; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the New Museum, New York; the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Kunstalle Zürich; and Tate Britain. Martin is currently Professor and Head of Artistic Research at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.  In 2018 she won the Film London Jarman Award for “creating an eclectic and expansive body of work that has explored everything from dreams and mythology to technology and feminism”.


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