SERENE is a self-taught concert pianist, synaesthete, computer scientist, and AI researcher. Though she never attended conservatory, she has become one of the most talked-about young talents in classical music, with her performances described as “spectacles to match the New York Philharmonic” (The Paris Review). Recently, Serene’s performance of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3 — widely regarded as the notorious “Mount Everest of piano” — with the National Macedonian Philharmonic was described as unprecedented, and she has appeared as soloist with various orchestras.

When not touring, Serene often collaborates with other artists on unique projects, such as Kanye West’s Opera which premiered at Lincoln Center and Art Basel, and her latest collaboration with Blue Man Group founder Chris Wink and AREA15, bringing futuristic and innovative intersections of music and technology into reality. 

Serene was previously a researcher and engineer for Google, before leaving to focus on music. As a technologist, she has had quite a few projects, including her recent collaboration with Gergely Bogányi on a unique grand piano built of carbon-fiber (Grand Prestige B-292 Bogányi Piano “Bat Piano”) as described in The Guardian, and partnered in bringing the first of this next-generation instrument to the US.

With her intersections of many aesthetics, discipline, and spiritual approach, she has found an international following. (You can follow her adventures on instagram / @serenepianist) She has been described as having the “ability to enthrall audiences” (SFCM) and as such, she has performed in a wide range of venues, from concert halls like Vienna’s Musikverein to unconventional stages with full orchestras in Golden Gate Park, and even a decommissioned Boeing 747. Previously she lived on a sailboat for a few years, and rides motorcycles.


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