Ninghui XIONG, Artist and Independent Researcher, Founder of Music Painting Art Synaesthesia Studio in Beijing.

Painting music has been the theme of Ninghui’s work since 2001. As a leading expert in music visualization, his art innovation methodology and tools have become known in Synesthesia art study circles since 2015. His painting series “Landscape Seen in Chopin’s 24 Preludes”, “Ch’in Music Flowing Water” and installation series “the Cube” inspired by BACH” are representing his art. Through these projects, he has demonstrated how music can drive an artist toward creative expressions.

His research has significant importance for art education and design, as he has been promoting Synaesthesia and creativity in schools, museums and theaters in China since 2009. During 2018 VI Congress International Synesthesia, Science and Art in Spain, as a committee member of the congress, he conducted Bolero Event which was well received by international Synaesthesia community.

He is a board member of Chinese Musical Iconology Association; FUNDACIÓN INTERNACIONAL ARTECITTÀ no 743 China delegate; collaborator of Group HUM1014, Sinestesia y Creatividad Investigación Interdisciplinar Aplicada, Universidad de Granada.