Pau 365 (Pau Tres Seis Cinco or Pau Sandham Burns) lives in Seville, Spain. Professional translator, language graduate, former analogue era photographer, involved in many art pursuits. In 2016 she discovered her synesthesia, which changed her life for good in both senses of the word.

She joins JTTS as the creator of the website The Synesthesia Tree. With more than 130 pages of descriptions and examples of the different types of synesthesia, it is designed for consultation by anyone with an interest in the subject and aims to be a source of clear, correct and relevant information about the different known types of synesthesia and some other related phenomena.

Pau constantly updates the site and can always find room for improvement. She is pleased to see it is helping people find what they need to know and considers it the contribution she can make to JTTS and the synesthesia community as a whole.




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