Daniel Kish holds Masters in Developmental Psychology and Special Education. He is the first totally blind person known to earn certification as a Mobility Specialist (1996), teaching blind people how to claim their freedom to move around securely, efficiently, and effectively.

Daniel founded World Access for the Blind (WAFTB) in 2000 to help advance freedom of movement and navigation for blind people globally, and to raise public awareness about the real strengths and challenges of blindness. WAFTB has delivered professional development workshops and training to blind people and their communities in over 40 countries

WAFTB has been show-cased on nearly every major broadcast network including CNN, BBC, and Discovery, as well as over 150 top publications including The Smithsonian, National Geographic, and Scientific American. Daniel has co-authored numerous studies in high profile peer reviewed journals, and published a textbook on seeing with FlashSonar and fostering adaptation to blindness by activating brain plasticity. He has presented prolifically, having been voted “talk of the day” at PopTech (2011), and top ten TED speaker (2015).

Daniel was celebrated as a Ashoka Fellow Change-maker (2017),  and selected to keynote on social impact at the U.N. headquarters in Vienna (2018). The work of WAFTB was referenced in the 2018 U.N. flag ship report on disability and world development. When he is not traveling, Daniel lives with his two cats in Long Beach, CA..




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