Journey Through the Senses is pleased to present, in collaboration with two of our highly talented members, an exploration of diversity and perception: A live piano and ballet concert. Featuring concert Pianist, Svetlana Rudenko, and professional Ballerina, Zoe Marinello-Kohn, the event will take place on March 20th, at the Whale Theater just outside of Dublin, Ireland and during Brain Awareness Week.

Whale Theatre

The Evening’s Program Courtesy of the Artists and The Whale Theater

In this Piano, Choreography & Lights Concert we explore the nature of Synaesthesia, blending senses and perceptions, when music & sound is reflected in gestures, movements and coloured lights. We embrace diversity of perceptions and creativity. Neuroscientists Ramachandran & Hubbard consider Synaesthesia a “window into perception, thought and language”, it helps us understand how senses interact and influence our perception and emotions.

Zoe Marinello-Kohn is a professional ballet dancer from San Diego, US, choreographer, actor, artist and dance instructor. She is a poly synesthete, experiencing multiple types of synesthesia and her unique perceptions often influence her creative work. Zoe’s art is inspired by self exploration and a drive to understand the reaches of consciousness. “As If Dancing Through Watercolors“. 

Dr Svetlana Rudenko is a concert pianist and researcher on Synaesthesia and Multisensory design for AR & VR, Technological University Dublin. 

Sterling Baldwin Sterling A. Baldwin is an lighting engineer and programmer, who worked with software on Climate change research, US. 

With support from LA JTTS 


1. Satie – 6 Gnossiennes 

2. Scriabin – Two Poems Op. 71/ Lights Solo/ Scriabin’s Synaesthesia 

3. Scriabin – Sonata No. 4 in F-sharp minor, Op.30 

Photo: Svetlana Rudenko. Photo by Laelia Milleri

Photo credit for headshot ZoeMarinello-Kohn: Ryan Orion Beck, 1000 Words Photography

Photo Credit for Dance photo: Gary Payne Photography 

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